Hourly Usage Rates

(Effective Sept. 1, 2017)


UC Campus


NUD* Rate (33.7%)


Non-UC Customers*

Mechanical Shop Services




Electronic Shop Services





*The Non-UC rate may vary annually as the NUD varies according to the UCD F&A Rate.

*NUD, or Non University Differential assessment, refers to the facilities and administrative costs
of doing business incurred by the University to run and support the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
For details on the components of the NUD assessment, please refer to:

(See: http://www.budget.ucdavis.edu/rates/documents/fa-rate-table.pdf)


For an estimate of Mechanical Services, please contact Brian Devine at bmdevine@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-9908.


For an estimate of Electrical & Electronic Services, please contact Hans Berns at hberns@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-1989.