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Electrical and Electronics Shop

hans-berns.jpgHans Berns

The electrical and electronics shop at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory is headed by electrical engineer Hans-Gerd Berns, who has over 30 years experience with analog and digital electronics, including FPGA designs and SMD designs and assembly. 


For questions or to place an order, contact Hans-Gerd Berns to discuss rates and scheduling.

Hans-Gerd Berns, Associate development engineer

530 752-1989



Circuit prototyping

Electrical and electronic design, repair and fabrication

PC board design (wirewrap for small projects, electronically generated Gerber files for larger-scale circuits)

PLC system design (hardware setup and ladder logic development)

Repair of analytical instruments and systems

Repair of radiation monitoring and survey equipment

Gas chromatographs

Optical spectrometers

Vacuum systems and electron microscopes

Custom design of process controls

Data acquisition hardware and software development on these systems:

Visual Basic .NET (Visual Studio environment, using National Instruments hardware)

C#.NET (Visual Studio environment, using National Instruments hardware)

Labview (using National Instruments hardware)

C/C++ for CAMAC hardware (Linux-based systems)

Micro controller development (embedded software)

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) development and design