Mechanical Services

Machining and Mechanical Design Shop

Brian-Devine.jpgBrian Devine

The machining and mechanical design shop at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) provides a full range of services, including designing parts and devices, creating prototypes, and fabricating and testing the final product.

Our skilled machinists operate and program some of the most sophisticated machinery and software in the trade. Working in close collaboration with CNL’s fully-appointed electronics shop located in the same work space, they can design, fabricate and test an exceptionally wide array of components tailored to suit a myriad of specific needs.

In addition, they can design and assemble parts on screen using 3D CAD solid modeling, assuring proper fit and function before fabrication. They also use exploded views with details of parts and hardware to aid in the assembly of the system. Complete design documentation is available.

Utilizing sophisticated CAM software, our 3D solid models can be translated into CNC machine code to efficiently produce precision parts on the CNC mill and lathe.

As of January 1, 2017, the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) administers the MPS Shop, combining the personnel and expertise of the Machine and Mechanical Shop from the Crocker Nuclear Lab with those of the Physics & Chemistry Departments to provide enhanced services under one roof at the Crocker Nuclear Lab in Jungerman Hall.


To place an order or to discuss rates and scheduling or other questions:

530 752-8839


  • Full machine & mechanical shop
  • 3-axis CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Full CAD/CAM interface
  • Complex surface and contour machining
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Welding, brazing & soldering
  • Mechanical repairs
  • System fabrication & assembly
  • Parts duplication for analytical systems & research instruments
  • SolidWORKS CAD software
  • Parts, assembly & system design
  • Complex research apparatus
  • Medical devices
  • Biomedical research devices
  • Electro pneumatics
  • Air sampling
  • Custom analytical systems
  • Vacuum systems (for vacuum pumps, see below, MPS departments only)
  • Integrated electronic & computer controls
  • Design enhancement & documentation for patent preparation & application

 MPS Vacuum Pump Service Procedures (for MPS departments ONLY)

       1. User will submit a request to with pump info:

                a. Make

                b. Model

                c. Serial number

                d. Whether the pump needs routine service or is broken

                e. UC Davis recharge account to charge for repair service

       2. MPS Shop will get preliminary quote from vendor, then send the quote to the user for approval,

           along with the hazmat clearance form for the user to fill out. 

       3. User will deliver pump to the MPS Shop along with hazmat clearance form.

       4. MPS Shop will send pump to the vendor and vendor will provide revised quote once

           they have the pump and inspect it, and user will be asked for approval again. If quote is acceptable,

           MPS Shop admin will create a purchase order to charge the repair to the recharge account supplied.

       5. Vendor will send the pump to the MPS Shop when service is completed.

       6. MPS Shop will contact the user that their pump is ready to pick up.

       7. If a backup pump is available, the MPS Shop will load the user one until theirs is ready to pick up.



Machining and fabrication

1 ea. HAAS VF2 CNC Vertical Machining Center: 36" x 14" table, 30" x 16" x 20" travels, 40 taper, 30 hp

2 ea. ACER CNC knee mills, 10 x 50 table, 25”X x 14”Y x 4.5”Z Travel 3-axis anilam 3000M controllers

1 ea. ACRA CNC lathe, 16 x 40, 2-axis anilam 4200T controller

2 ea. LeBlonde 16 x 40 manual lathes with digital readouts

1 ea. Gorton Mastermill vertical knee mill, 10 x 42 table

1 ea. Cincinnati no. 2MH horizontal knee mill 10 ½ x 53 table

1 ea. Do-All vertical band saw, 16” throat depth

1 ea. Rockwell vertical band saw, 19” throat depth

1 ea. Wells horizontal band saw, 9” round capacity

1 ea. Wyson sheet metal shear, 12 ga. X 6’ capacity

1 ea. Lincoln Idealarc 300/300  AC/DC arc welder, Bernard water circulator, HW-20 and HW-18 TIG torches

1 ea. Miller Millermatic 251 wire welder

1 ea. Oxy-acetylene welding/cutting/brazing


Test and inspection

1 ea. Alcatel model ASM – 142 helium leak detector

1 ea. Fowler 12” optical comparator, 10x, 20x and 40x

2 ea. Granite surface plates, 24” x 24” 2 ledge, 24” x 18” 4 ledge



1 ea. AutoCAD 2017

1 ea edgeCAM ver. 2017 R1